U.S. Expatriate Tax Services

expatriate tax services

Finding an international tax CPA firm that understands how the latest U.S. tax laws will impact tax obligations for expatriates and foreign nationals is essential for your employees. The knowledgeable tax advisors at CPA Global Tax & Accounting PLLC provide tax planning and compliance services for companies on a variety of international, federal, and state tax issues faced by employees working in foreign countries.

With our reliable guidance and personalized customer support, your international employees can reduce their taxes and comply with all tax filing requirements. We minimize tax obligations for for U.S. expats and foreign nationals from all over the world and will ensure your employees avoid penalties and any practices that could flag them for an IRS audit.

Expatriate tax compliance services for employers and employees:

  • Structuring tax-effective assignment terms and compensation packages
  • International compensation planning
  • Coordination of U.S./foreign estimated tax payments
  • Tax equalization policy design and administration
  • Pre-departure and repatriation counseling
  • Assistance with inquiries from U.S. and foreign taxing authorities
  • Social security tax planning
  • Tax treaty review
  • Foreign bank account reporting (FBAR)
  • Advice on taxability of income for non-residents in U.S. on different Visas such as L-1, H-1B1, EB2, EB5, etc.
  • U.S expat tax preparation
  • Tax return preparation for foreign nationals
  • Tax planning for U.S. expats working overseas
  • Foreign tax credits for U.S. expats
  • Tax for foreign nationals working in the U.S.
  • Pre-departure and post-assignment tax consultations
  • Assistance with inquiries from U.S. and foreign taxing authorities
  • Coordination of required estimated tax payments
  • Help with complex international social security rules
  • Reporting foreign financial accounts (FBAR)

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