Foreign Tax Credits

us expat foreign tax credits

CPA Global Tax & Accounting PLLC specializes in foreign tax credit planning for individuals. U.S. expatriates and Green Card holders earning income while working in a foreign country are subject to taxes in that country plus the United States.  To avoid double taxation, individuals can claim a Foreign Tax Credit (FTC). The laws governing foreign tax credits are complex and changing tax treaties can complicate matters further. CPA Global Tax & Accounting PLLC is highly skilled in international taxation and knows how to claim credits for U.S. expats. As a qualified international tax CPA firm, we'll determine if you qualify for a Foreign Tax Credit to help reduce your tax burden and will prepare and file Form 1116 for each category of income to be sure you never pay more in tax than you actually owe.

Our international tax advisory services are aimed at helping you maximize foreign tax credits to lower your tax liabilities so you keep more of your hard earned money. Request a consultation now or call us at 480-889-8949 today to learn more.

Foreign tax credits for U.S. expats

  • Preparation of Form 1116
  • Prevention of double taxation
  • Analyzing the pros and cons of claiming foreign tax credits
  • Identifying exclusions and maximum allowable tax credits by country